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Colour Wales

My work is the expression of two distinct opposites of the colour spectrum, each interplay with one another and reflect the complexities of the subject.

I see colour and visual expression as a means of seeing the world with a more rational view. Each painting represents the interplay of colours on each other. The paintings show how the red and orange side of the spectrum comes to dominate the right side of the canvas to give it that exuberant nature, while the blue side of the spectrum gives it a cool, protective refuge on the left side of the canvas. This is how I see the world, as two opposites coming together in perfect harmony with all the contradictions that are involved.

The hot colours represent the antithesis to what is progressive and enlightening. I see the world through colour coding the reds as opposing forces of good i.e. evil. The blue side of the painting represents the good trying to fight off the evil of the hot red colours trying to dominate the whole of the canvas.

I see a conflict of colours in which each side is trying to out-do the other to dominate the picture. The reflection acts as a neutral ground. I see this painting as representing the conflict of duality between the aggressive red, oranges and even pink and the greens, blues and neutral browns. The browns represent nature, the earth, while blue represents the air which is essentially a life giver while the red represents the inorganic material that has been consumed by fire.

I see these opposites in my paintings as a dual with colour I use to express how I feel about the different forces of good and bad at work within society. The painting represents the conflict I experience with my perception of life and this takes the form of interpreting what I see in my life and how it affects the way I experience other peoples reactions.

Colour is a very powerful medium - not many people realise it because it is so everyday. We see colours all around us without realising it. I see colour as a form of communication with the outside world and, communicating with people around me, colour is used as a means of interpreting the categories of how the world is viewed.



My main medium is oil painting, I use oils as a means to utilise the figurative with the abstract.  To be able to create the effect of flow, and form, to merge the figurative with the abstract.  My main subject concerns music, energy, colour and depth.  I use colour as a form in order to bring out the maximum effect and flexibility of oil on stretched canvas, to merge the figurative with the abstract with movement.  I also do drawings in conjunction with my painting.  I like to work at various sizes, so I can maximise the effect of the painting/drawing.  I mix my colour, to give depth, to bring out the subjects with the other colours, to form a basis for merging & re-emerging each colour to compliment each other.  Main subjects are, music, landscape (abstract) bits of clothing/footwear & themes.  I like my work to shine, to bring the colours out, and see how each painting takes on a life of its own by bringing light & form and merging them together.  Many continental artists mainly from Spain & France influence my work.  

Now my work emphasises depth and colour. I utilise colour with which I give the picture maximum effect.  Have painted the objects as I see them in my mind, a distorted reality that inhabit.  The images of the world around me seem distorted and my mind tries to reason and interpret them.  Only when I use depth and juxtaposed coloured images can I reason with everything around me and make sense of it. Paintings take on myriad forms and usually with still life create images of glass bottles, bowls and glass balls as a starting point and expand on the subject by reflecting glass on glass tables.  My work gives me an outlook on specific objects that can be transparent and can be remoulded into a metaphor for what society could be.  It gives me the power over my immediate surroundings from which I can mould objects according to my imagination and then re-mould the image into a chosen form.  I hope each time I am able to create an object I can feel in control with my surroundings and thus in control of my life.  At times I am constantly battling against the stigma of Autism and people’s perceptions of it. I go through periods when I concentrate predominately on still life, other times are dominated by people and sometimes landscapes.  Recently I started to experiment placing all three subjects into one painting and it is looking promising.


Couple Kissing


Still Life

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