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Artist Mark Overcomes Obstacles

By  Ian Bebb

Penarth man Mark Annis  who says his life has been blighted by Asperger’s  Syndrome has overcome the condition to prove himself a successful artist.

48 year old mark  a self taught artist  who started to take his work seriously about 16 years a go   

Currently has three exhibitions running at Cardiff Europa café and Tapas bar and at the old town hall Barry

Mark who specializes figurative and abstract revolving around bright primary colour was diagnose with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of four.  

Mark said: “ Asperger’s make social interaction  difficult for sufferers.

“We are  often unable to interpret the meaning behind what people say.

“We find it hard to read hidden social codes such as body language and we can say things that other people find strange.

“Making friends and developing intimate relationships can often also be very difficult.

“I think there is still lack of awareness about the condition and because of that we suffer prejudice.”

Mark says he has read best selling novel The Curious Incident, by mark Haddon, which deals with Asperger’s  Syndrome.

He said : “There was quite a bit in the novel which I could Identify with.  

“Asperger’s  sufferers do develop obsessions – mi ne is Art though not numbers.”

Mark – who now also sells prints of his work – say he is influenced by Picasso, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol.

To find out more about Mark Annis’ work, visit www.anniscreation.co.uk

Asperger’s Syndrome is one of a range of autism-like disorders which often manifests in eccentric behavior rather than prenounced and obvious disability.

It was first identified as a separate condition in 1944 by a German doctor, Hans Asperger.

“Music Emotion” 40 x 60 Ins   

“Fishermen in Tenby Harbour” 50 x 50 Ins

“Spanish Guitar”  15 x 20 Ins  

“Music by Penarth Marina”  

50 x 50 Ins