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Curriculum Vitae

NAME  Mark Anthony Annis    RAM JAM ARTS

       Warwick Hall Studios

TELEPHONE (Eve) 02920 916606

Mobile 07793156201

E-mail mark.annis@ymail.com


DATE OF BIRTH 09.07.61


1992 93 Post Graduate ICT Skill & Information &   Museum Archivist training at university College Aberystwyth

1986 - 1991 Graduated  from Middlesex University with a B.A. (Hons.) Social Science & Mass Culture.  Written essays on Mass Culture and the Visual Arts and media representation of minorities and disadvantaged groups (black, disabled, lesbian and gay).  Other work includes essays on the culture of the disadvantaged, social change and the media and technology of domination.


1978 - 1980  2 - year foundation course in Fine Art and History of Art at the Norfolk college of Art.  Gained one 'O' level plus 2 year foundation to go on to university to do an arts-based degree.


1974 - 1978 Camphill Rudolph Steiner Special School.  Chose to study Art and History in the Visual Arts and Photography.


December ‘02 the Adam Gallery, Penarth

Private View on 3 December, International Day of Disabled People

Jan/Feb 2003 the Brew house Theatre, Taunton

  In partnership with art + power, including a Gallery event for 50 people

September ’03 the Pillar Room, Cheltenham Town Hall

  Showing as part of Cheltenham Heritage Festival and Equata’s ‘Above & Beyond’ international disability arts festival

July/August ’04 Faith House Gallery, Holton Lee, Dorset

 Mixed exhibition with Art & Power

October 2004 the Point Arts Centre, Cardiff Bay

Show to promote top disabled artist in relation to the opening of Beachwood College for young people with Autism / Asperger’s

Jan/Mar 2005  Mind in the Vale/VOGA group Travellers Lodge Barry

Promoting mental health issues & community living in the vale and awareness.

Jan/Feb 2005  Europa Café

  Mixed exhibition for Mind in the Vale

May/July2005  Travellers  Café Barry Train Station.   Solo exhibition

  Part of an Arts council funding Project

Aug/Sept2005 Celtica   Festival Lorenz, Brittany,  Northern France.  Mixed exhibition with other artists from Wales as part of Cardiff 2005

Jan/Feb 2006 Project exhibition 1 & 2 Travellers Café second exhibition

An exhibition at the Llanfair unit at the Llandough Hospital Cardiff in partnership with Spectrum arts.

 Permanent collection

Permanent exhibition at Warwick  Studios


Mar/Apr 2006  Mixed Exhibition at the Travellers Café

Nov. 2005-Oct. 2006 Year long Exhibition at the Pica Pica Cocktail Bar in Westgate Street Cardiff

Oct / Dec 2006 Exhibition Craft Café

Oct / Dec 2006 Tapas  & Tapas Bar Spanish style restaurant

Oct / Jan 2006/07 Europa Solo Exhibition

Nov / Jan 2006/07 Town Hall Gallery, Barry

Feb / Sept  2007 Holiday Inns UK Tour

May / Sept 2007 Tapas & Tapas  Spanish Style Restaurant

May / June 2007  3M  Offices Cardiff Bay.  Cardiff

Nov/2007 /Jan 2008  Private office exhibitions with local Media Business Centre(mixed)

Jan/July 2008   Ice cream Parlour Hay – on - Wye (solo)

July/Aug 2008  Open Studio Season Warwick Hall Studio, sold 2 paintings 7 prints

Dec 2008 to present Gem Diary Service T.V. Production Employment

July / Aug 2009 Open studio Season for summer

June / Aug 2010 Open Studio Summer Season

Funding for art Projects

Millennium Project Fund from the National Lottery

Project title “Unseen Bodies of Work

2000 to 2001 This is a Millennium Award funded project, working with two other disabled artists to make work for a high quality, touring exhibition that raises the profile of disabled artists and encourages a more positive attitude towards disability.  The exhibition has been shown at the following venues:

June / Oct 2004 Studio placement with other disabled artist including, workshops with adults with learning disabilities

Arts council funding

Arts Council of Wales Small grants project completed with professional development career enhancement as a result of the training and setting up of studio space.  The purpose of this was professional development help with setting up studio space, new website and pieces of work to exhibit via an agent


Have undertaken two commissioned works on behalf of a client in London.  The pictures were relating to London Life and the growing influence of urban culture in the urban decay of the city itself.   I have also carried out a recently commissioned work for a private individual who is interested in still life and colour.  The painting was a bright red vase with a yellow curtain with stripes of orange in the background.  Since then I have been offered a commission on behalf of another client who is interested in my use of colour and the cubist influence on my paintings.

VOGA & Spectrum arts Joint public art project at the Atlantic College as part of Mind in the Vale “mental health awareness”

Private individual for his office theme on computers May / June 2004

Autism Cymru 2006 Christmas cards to raise funds for Autism Cymru for their Christmas fund raising campaign.

Aug /  Sept. 2007 Commissioned by the   NAS to do a theme on expressions of Autism for their Cardiff & Wales office.

Private Businessman commissioned me to do three paintings relating to Irish & Celtic Themes each painting size: 39   x   70 each   between   October 2009 and March 2010.




My drawings are mainly landscape and still life and I use them as a basis for my oil painting and experiments in devising different forms of shade.  I have samples of my life drawings, which I intend to use as the basis for future paintings of both male and female figures.  Specialist areas are mainly town-

Scopes of London, Cardiff and Valley Towns with their dramatic background of mountains and natural flora.



I have experimented from time to time with collage, using strips of newspapers with titles and pictures painted in with various forms of abstraction.



I use photography in order to present my work in slides.  I do art photography both Chrome (B&W) and colour plate reproduction on the computer.  I experiment with image distortion through colour using colour as a means to convey various subjects using similar techniques use with paint but in photographic form also do a bit of wedding & special occasion photography to supplement my income and have my own camera equipment.  I regularly do photography so to inspire me in my creativity and influence my artwork.

Film & TV production experience

Jun/ Aug 2008 Contributed to being me DVD Part of the “Social Eyes” Project

Participating in the creation and production of DVD   for Social Eyes to help people with Asperger’s Syndrome to improve their interpersonal skills and other communication skills

Advocacy Matters project DVD Jan/Mar 2009

Contributed to a DVD about Advocacy matter’s user led group in which I had experience of using a TV camera for the first time, I both appeared in front of the camera about my role in designing the CD cover and publicity posters for the Advocacy project.   

Teaching experience

I have worked mainly with adults with learning disabilities on drawing, photography painting & mixed media colours.  I do occasional lecture with the Autistic society giving talks and lecture on talent and disability with its wider context to history of art.  I teach o a voluntary basis at a local art college teaching adults how to draw and paint.

ICT Skills

Computer Literate, Photoshop, 6.0. Digital camera intermediate, database, Email   Accounts & word processing.



My main medium is oil painting, I use oils as a means to utilise the figurative with the abstract.  To be able create the effect of flow, and form, to merge the figurative

With the abstract.  Main subject concern music, energy, colour and depth.  I use colour as a form in order to bring out the maximum effect and flexibility of oil on stretched canvas, to merge the figurative with the abstract with movement.  I also do drawings in conjunction with my painting.  I like to work at various sizes, so I can maximise the effect of the painting/drawing.  I mix my colour, to give depth, to bring the out the subjects with the other colours, to form a basis for merging & re emerging each colour to compliment each other.  Main subjects are, music, landscape (abstract) bits of clothing/footwear & themes.  I like my work to shine, to bring the colours out, and see how each painting takes on a life of its own by bringing light & form and merging them together.  Many continental artists mainly from Spain &France influence my work.  

Now my work emphasises depth and colour. I utilise colour with which I give the picture maximum effect.  Have painted the objects as I see them in my mind, a distorted reality that inhabit.  The images of the world around me seem distorted and my mind tries to reason and interpret them.  Only when I use depth and juxtaposed coloured images can I reason with everything around me and make sense of it paintings take on a myriad of forms and usually with still life create images of glass bottles, bowls and glass balls as a starting point and expand on the subject by reflecting glass on glass tables.  My work gives me an outlook on specific objects that can be transparent and can be remoulded into a metaphor for what society could be.  It gives me the power over my immediate surroundings from which can mould objects according to my imagination and then remould the image into a chosen form.  I hope each time I am able to create an object I can feel in control with my surrounding and thus in control of my life.  At times I am constantly battling against the stigma of Autism and people’s perceptions of it. I go through periods when I concentrate predominately on still life, other times are dominated by people and sometimes landscapes.  Recently I started to experiment placing all three subjects into one painting and it is looking promising.