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Applied Arts
Beverley Bell Hughes is an award-winning potter who lives near Llandudno, Wales with her husband, Terry who is also a potter. As Beverley is partially sighted the touch and feel of clay in both its fired and unfired forms is very important.
Phill Puryer   Living in North Wales, I find that of all media, I enjoy pen and ink work best of all. I would like to think that in each piece I put a little of myself and that whoever views it can sense that. My love of nature shows in my art, as I love drawing and painting animals, birds, fish . . .
Alastair Duncan  is a visual artist. He originally trained in design and weave and specialised in tapestry weaving. He has also trained in multimedia and graphic design and has many years of experience working both to commission and in the education sector. His work now includes digital print, video and interactive media.